Recent Projects

The Silvertone and Harmony Espanada guitars were part of the Artist Jazz archtop family of instruments which included the H-62, H-63, H-64 and 1427 model variations.

This guitar once belonged to the late, great West Coast blues guitarist Marco Fiume, and was eventually acquired by our shop helper and “surrogate son” Frank Tutwiler. (read more…)

This vintage Gibson SG suffered fracturing, tearing and lifting of its top wood after an accident with a guitar cord. Honduras Mahogany splints were fabricated to replace any missing or badly damaged wood around the jack hole area, and after the repair was coated with a sealer, lacquer tints of amber, cherry red and dark cherry were mixed and air brushed onto the repair and surrounding area. (read more…)

The cabinet was sent to Vintage Amp Restoration in St. Louis, Missouri for a complete tear down and re-build, the results of which are astounding. All that was left of the amplifier’s front panel logo was the brown plastic back plate, which had shrunk and became distorted over time, a partial Gibson script logo, and the number 9. (read more…)