Recent Projects

Restoration of the Marco Fiume Silvertone Espanada

The Silvertone and Harmony Espanada guitars were part of the Artist Jazz archtop family of instruments which included the H-62, H-63, H-64 and 1427 model variations. This guitar once belonged to the late, great West Coast blues guitarist Marco Fiume, … Continue reading

1961 Gibson SG – Repair of Jack Hole Damage

This vintage Gibson SG suffered fracturing, tearing and lifting of its top wood after an accident with a guitar cord. Honduras Mahogany splints were fabricated to replace any missing or badly damaged wood around the jack hole area, and after … Continue reading

Restoration of 1961 Gibson Stereo Amp

The cabinet was sent to Vintage Amp Restoration in St. Louis, Missouri for a complete tear down and re-build, the results of which are astounding. All that was left of the amplifier’s front panel logo was the brown plastic back … Continue reading

Les Paul Deluxe Neck Restoration

The headstock on this vintage Les Paul Deluxe had suffered a near complete break with multiple fractures to the surrounding wood. A well meaning woodworker re-glued the headstock to the neck, and then carved out any severely damaged and compressed … Continue reading