Silvertone Archtop Restoration

The Harmony Musical Instrument Company produced stringed instruments under a variety of “house brands”, including Silvertone, SS Stewart, La Scala, Sovereign, Vogue, Valencia, Johnny Marvin, Monterey and others. The Silvertone Model 1427 is a thin line version of the full body size Artist Jazz line of archtop guitars manufactured by Harmony during the 1950s.
Although Harmony cut corners on neck and body construction, the hardware, electronic components and pickups in these instruments were top notch.

The Silvertone “Artist Jazz“ Archtop, Model 1427 previewed here belongs to our very dear friend Brian Phillips. The instrument was virtually unplayable when we received it, the finish was oxidized, and the original electronic harness was gutted and replaced with cheap parts. I fabricated a new harness and meticulously voiced the components, using my personal Silvertone H-63 as a tonal benchmark.
The original bridge was beyond repair, and replaced with a new Ebony bridge. After several attempts, we were able to match the hue of the original lacquer, and with the owner’s permission, I restored the finish . The neck was heat treated to correct warpage, and the fretboard was restored with new inlays, frets, binding , and a new nut. I installed a custom phase switch inside the instrument, which is accessible through the treble side f-hole. When completed, the instrument played flawlessly with low action.

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