Anson Funderburgh

Anson FunderburghAnson and I have been close family friends for more than twenty-five years. I have had the honor and pleasure of serving as his guitar tech and personal luthier for most of that time, and being able to travel and perform with his band, The Rockets. Anson’s incisive, tone-drenched guitar technique is legendary and awe inspiring. Check out Anson and The Rockets’ website. For booking information, visit Piedmont Talent.

I was also very close to Anson’s singer, harp player and front man, the late Sam Myers. Sammy and I shared the same birthday, and we usually rode together while on tour with The Rockets. We confided in one and other, and we shared many stories and memories of our lives in the blues world. I could always rely on Sam Myers for his wisdom and advice, and he is sorely missed.

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