Junior Watson: Get it all, then go straight to the wood shed

Junior WatsonAs a teenager, I lived in San Jose California, and crossed paths with, and played in garage bands with musicians who would later pioneer the resurgence of Swing, Jump Blues, and west coast style urban R&B and Blues. A few years ago, I received a telephone call from a fellow named Mike from California who asked me if I ever hung out at San Jose’s Guitar showcase on Bascomb Avenue. I replied that I did in fact frequent the place quite a bit, and Mike started to drop names, most of whom I had known from my high school years. He then remarked that his full name was Michael Watson, but that he was better known in the music industry as Junior Watson, a moniker he picked up way before he joined Canned Heat. Since the 1970’s. Mr. Watson has been a member of the “A-List” of blues, swing and west coast style blues guitarists. He has appeared on band stands in the U.S. and abroad, playing to sold out audiences, and has performed with many stellar Roots music luminaries. Anson Funderburgh remarked to me that Junior Watson is “one of the best, and most inventive guitarists he had ever heard or worked with”. For booking information, contact JW Entertainment, Atlanta, Ga. .

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