Les Paul Deluxe Neck Restoration

The headstock on this vintage Les Paul Deluxe had suffered a near complete break with multiple fractures to the surrounding wood. A well meaning woodworker re-glued the headstock to the neck, and then carved out any severely damaged and compressed wood. Mahogany grafts and veneers were then applied to add strength to the repair. When we received the guitar, the repair had been covered with multiple coats of tint and opaque red paint. We stripped the back of the neck and carefully shaped the repair to match the neck’s original contours. The wood was then sealed with a specially formulated Epoxy, thinners and retarders, and after several days of curing, the damaged area was tinted to emulate raw Mahogany. After another several days of curing, we began the painstaking process of re-graining the repair to match the surrounding wood, using a variety of furniture restoration tools and chemicals. After we were satisfied with the quality and symmetry of the re-graining, more sealer was applied and the back of the neck was tinted and clear coated to match instrument’s aged, cherry red finish.

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