Les Paul Junior Headstock Repair

This instrument had endured one of the most serious of all headstock breaks, a complete longitudinal-diagonal fracture. I had been challenged with similar repairs in the past and fabricated a series of jigs and fixtures to assist in properly aligning and securing the damaged and broken segments.

After initially gluing the headstock back together, I replaced any missing wood from around its edges, and then employed a three step process to further strengthen the repair. I first glued a vulcanized fiber veneer to the headstock’s face, after which I used the drum end of a stationary belt sander to ground off 5/16” from the back of the headstock, ending the third fret area. I then employed steam and a bending iron to fit a Mahogany lamination along the headstock’s rear surface. After the rear lamination was completely dry, I glued and clamped it in place. The next day, I shaped the rear laminate and tinted it to match the rest of the neck finish.

The Gibson Guitar Company provided us with decals for the face plate, and the serial number was re-applied using a period correct stamp.

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