Martin 0028 Repair

The upper treble bout of this Martin instrument had suffered a severe inward compression dent with multiple grain fractures. Fortunately all the wood was still intact, and there was no damage to the inside lining strips, or the kerfing. I made a shaping form to emulate the arch of the damaged section of the upper bout by heat bending a piece of .060″ vulcanized fiber, which I installed inside the instrument, using a long, expanding toggle clamp to exert outward pressure on the dent. The damaged Mahogany was restored to its original condition with the help of a household steam iron. I rolled the iron back and forth on, and around the damaged area, the heat and steam of which softened and relaxed the wood fibers, allowing me to slowly apply outward force with the toggle clamp, eventually pushing the wood back into the curvature of the bout. After allowing the wood to dry thoroughly, I epoxied the fiber shaping form to the inside of the treble bout to add strength to the repair. After 24 hours, the outside or the treble bout was sealed and tinted with multiple layers of hand mixed lacquer in order to hide the damage and match the original color of the instrument. After several weeks curing time, the clear lacquer was wet sanded and the brought to a mirror gloss on the shop buffer.

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